Maklerzentrum Schweiz AG

We share the commission

Because recommendations are valuable, we share our commission with you!

With our optimizations in basic and supplementary insurance, we enable our customers to save on average CHF 652 per year. Money that you can use elsewhere. With the My Cashback System,we allow our customers to participate in our success by thanking them for their referrals by sharing some of our commissions with them.

For a complete conclusion (basic and additional insurance) we charge 50 CHF on your My Cashback Card

But that's not all: for each recommendation of our service with a resulting conclusion you will receive an additional CHF 100 on your My Cashback Card. Also from the referrals of your referrals you will receive another 50 CHF per deal on your My Cashback Card. In this way, you can not only save on your health insurance, but also earn money by recommending our services.

+50 CHF
at the conclusion of your health insurance..

+100 CHF
if you recommend us and a degree for health insurance comes about.

+50 CHF
if your referral makes additional referrals and they come to completion.

The distributed money is part of the commissions paid for a contract. The brokerage center in Switzerland AG differs from its competitors in that part and it is passed on to its customers, in addition to the performance improvements and the premium savings