Calculate your savings with My Cashback

Calculate yourself by adjusting the slides below based on your yearly spending levels and see how much you can save with
My Cashback Membership and My Cashback Card. This is only a basic and minimum calculation and you can save with our partners much more.


0 CHF / Year
Petrol & Diesel
0 Liters / Year
0 Subscriptions
Travel Tickets (SBB)
0 CHF / Year
My Cashback Starter Package for 3 years
CHF 175.-
1st Year
CHF 1000,-
2nd Year
CHF 150,-
3rd Year
CHF 1,-
Available excess money
CHF 1151

*The savings in the 1st year were calculated minus the My Cashback Starter Packet for 3 years.

The world's leading My Cashback System

and with a few more thousand of cash to fulfill your wishes

With the account, you get access to the My Cashback world of benefits and a rechargeable prepaid card that you can use anywhere you shop today. So you can enjoy more cash without having to change your desires.

Discounted Gift cards

Gift cards are just like cash. You can get this cards upto 10 % discounted price which you can pay for all your online and offline purchases in Coop, Manor, REKA, TicketCorner and its subsidiaries like Inter Discount, Import Parfum, Fust, Livique and much more. Save money in food, petrol, diesel, travel cards, electronics and everything

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Join as a Business Associate

As a My Cashback Business Associate, you can start your own business with full flexibility and show people how to save money with My Cashback. So they will get 3 % cashback and enjoy the lifetime membership benefits like discounted vouchers from major retailers like Migros, Coop, Manor, Ticket Corner, which can be used by its subsidiaries like M-elektronic, Inter Discount, Import Parfum, Migrolino and much more. Meanwhile your customer / referral earn 3% cashback, you also earn upto 1% from their spending

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Partner Benefits

With our partners, we have different earnings and savings options through their products and services. For ex: Marklerenzentrum compensate for your own orders and recommendations upto CHF 100,- directly credited to your My Cashback Card.

The best sponsorship program for companies and clubs

The most successful sponsorship program ever for companies and clubs. The average shopping of your members with My Cashback is more than enough to earn better commission which can be utilized for your company or club.